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Have you ever thought about buying a perfect super clone Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust? We know that Lex did, and I certainly can’t blame him. This glorious two-tone statement is one of the brand’s sleepers. It is often overlooked because a quartz movement powers it. But true fans know better than to write it off for that. Robert-Jan owns a two-tone ref. 17013, and it’s a great example of the integrated-bracelet style that has become so popular in the last few years. The cheap copy Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust ref. 17013 came out in 1977 and stayed in production until 2002. It is believed that Swiss made super clone Rolex produced only about 25,000 pieces of this watch.

It features a 36mm stainless steel case of luxury super clone Rolex with a yellow gold fluted bezel and a yellow gold crown. The gold and steel five-row bracelet is an absolute joy to wear. But you must be careful when buying one of these watches that you buy one with the bracelet in good condition. Inside the case, you will find the Rolex caliber 5035. This quartz movement is exceptional and even qualified as a COSC-certified chronometer. And yes, the requirements are much stricter than they are for mechanical movements.

The precision of the movement was guaranteed partly thanks to thermocompensation and antimagnetic hardening. And as aaa quality super clone Rolex Oysterquartz fans will tell you, the movement was properly built like a mechanical caliber. You can look for the ref. 17014 if you prefer a stainless steel version with a white gold bezel. To us, though, the two-tone 1:1 fake Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust with the champagne dial is the one to go for, with pre-owned prices starting around €4K and moving up to €6K for one in great condition. This gets you a true style statement and a testament to Swiss movement super clone Rolex’s innovative Oysterquartz series.

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