Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Fake Cartier Santos de Cartier

Dare I say it but perfect replica Cartier Tanks aren’t for everyone – for some wrists they are too dainty. That’s when the 1:1 super clone Santos de Cartier, also a rectangular case, gets its moment in the sun. The broadness of the 39.8mm case is easy to handle, as are the reference to the Roman Empire when reading 1-12 in Roman numerals. But the deep indigo dial gives it a totally different complexion, reducing any pomp and presenting it as one hell of a versatile sports copy watch (especially when you swap out the steel bracelet for a leather strap). £7,400.

Replica Breitling Chronomat B01
What gets you first? Don’t tell us. It’s the non-conformist, sleek Rouleaux bracelet – am I right? There’s certainly a revival of sorts happening with this type of finish, which is a combo of brushed and polished steel. The red pointer on this Swiss movement super clone Breitling pops on a function-packed, denim-blue dial and the bold crown of the B01 underlines an elegant take on a brawny chronograph. £7,300.

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