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Even the word mountaineering conjures images of triumphant explorers, daring to tackle some of Mother Nature’s harshest environments. Reaching the top of a mountain is the kind of achievement which resonates as easily with tiny children as it does with adults, encompassing a simplicity which must reach far back in humanity’s evolutionary chain. For as long as luxury replica watches have been around, they’ve been used to aid mountaineers, and now to celebrate World Mountains Day we’ll take a look at five of the best mountaineering super clone watches for sale.

To many, the cheap super clone Rolex Explorer is the ultimate one-watch collection. From the vintage examples of the 1950s, up to the modern sports watches of today, the Explorer can truly go anywhere and do anything. Originally however, it was launched with high-altitude adventure in mind.

Although the story of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary actually wearing a Swiss made replica Rolex as they became the first men to summit Mount Everest in 1953 is still up for debate, Rolex’s sponsorship of their success was used to promote the first aaa quality super clone Rolex Explorer watches in that same year. The water-resistant oyster case and simplistic 3-6-9 dial layout has made it an incredibly popular watch for those who wish to capture the older essence of Swiss movement replica Rolex’s brand. Price: A$11,350

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