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In 1960, Swiss made super clone Rolex retired the 6541 for the Milgauss 1019. Produced until the late 1980s, it became one of the brand’s longest-lived references, even if it wasn’t the most popular. Like the 6541, the steel case of the 1019 measures 38mm, and the caliber 1580 is housed inside an inner soft iron Faraday cage. But the cheap fake Rolex 1019 is no doubt more staid than the 6541: it loses the rotating bezel, honeycomb dial, and, sadly, the lightning bolt hand. Most commonly, you’ll see it with a silver dial with vertical brushing or a matte black dial, though there was some variation over the years, as we’ll see. AAA quality replica Rolex also made silver dials without lume, placing black enamel in its place – these were made for CERN, so they’re referred to as CERN dials, with the tritium lume removed, so there wasn’t any radioactivity.

“The earlier the better,” Shear said of the 1019’s collectibility. “Early CERN dials with black enamel markers and hands are fascinating when in nice condition. So are all-original early black dials.” But Shear emphasized again that condition should be prioritized above rarity.
Generally speaking, there are two generations of 1:1 fake Rolex Milgauss 1019 dials. The first generation, produced through the late 1960s, has a smaller perfect super clone Rolex wordmark at 12 o’clock, while later dials or service dials have “Rolex” in much larger text. There are also other subtle changes over the 1019’s run: the early examples will have a seconds track with 1/5 second increments also marked, a detail that’s lost on later dials. You’ll also notice the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” text is shrunk on later examples. Since luxury fake Rolex produced the 1019 across three decades, these changes really become emblematic of the Crown’s evolution: the brand name is printed much smaller on early examples, and there are those 1/5-second increments, theoretically (though perhaps not practically), making the Milgauss a useful tool for timing science stuff. By the 1980s, the Swiss movement super clone Rolex font on the dial has become much bigger. Really, the print on the entire dial is crisper and sharper – the Milgauss had evolved into a true luxury watch, with its original anti-magnetic traits, while still there, now secondary. Later dials also lose the 1/5-second tick marks.

Another notable change over the life of the aaa quality super clone Rolex 1019 is the hands: Most examples are polished, with a ridge down the middle, while examples towards the very end of the model’s production (as well as later service hands) are flat and brushed.

As Shear says, early examples are rarer (and harder to find in good condition). Black dials are harder to find and command a premium over silver dials. Today, a silver Rolex super clone online in good condition might sell in the mid-20s, while a similar black dial might sell in the mid-30s. That said, condition matters a lot. Last year, Loupe This sold a NOS black 1019 for $75,000.

Perhaps the rarest Swiss movement copy Rolex 1019s are the three known examples with glossy black dials – Phillips sold one in 2017 for CHF 150,000. It’s a true gilt, glossy dial: note how the red “Milgauss” text appears to be printed in relief. On the matte black versions, the red text pops off the dial instead.

Like the original 6543 and 6541, the top quality super clone Rolex 1019 wasn’t really a popular watch, often sitting at dealers for years. Take that NOS 1019 for example: It has a serial number dating it to 1979, but the sales receipt shows that it didn’t sell until 11 years later, in 1990.

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