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It’s been said you can tell a lot about a person by what they wear, and that is certainly the case for the characters of The White Lotus. Their high quality super clone watches are uncannily well-matched to their identities, from the Rolex-wearing showoff financier Cameron Sullivan (Theo James) to the unassuming smartwatch-equipped tech tycoon, Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe). Costume designer Alex Bovaird quite frankly nailed it. Ahead of season two’s much-anticipated finale on Sunday, here’s a look at what the cast of The White Lotus wore to match their zany character arcs. Which UK cheap replica watches do you think will make it off the Sicilian island in one piece?

Daphne Sullivan: Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Super Clone Watches

She may come off as a Real Housewife type (albeit sans the overload of plastic surgery) but actress Meghann Fahy’s character Daphne Sullivan isn’t as basic as she first appears. She puts on a good front as a neutrally amicable, good-humored and well-off woman who is seemingly happily married to a financier who provides her with a very comfortable lifestyle. The implication is she doesn’t work. As the show progresses, it turns out that she’s a lot more shrewd and savvy than she lets on. She knows about her husband’s infidelities and she’s not playing the victim. She’s getting even.

So, what does her $10,700 AAA wholesale super clone Cartier Tank Louis Cartier watches have to do with this character assessment? The timeless classic suggests she knows her intended role as a privileged and well-mannered woman. It’s top fake watches that works well in any circle but also suggests a level of sophistication and understated elegance. It is discreet while simultaneously suggesting a certain level of wealth in the right milieu. Perfect for someone like Mrs. Sullivan who is aiming to keep up appearances via old-school social norms—while discreetly maintaining her power in a way that is decidedly in the mindset of a 21st-century woman.

Cameron Sullivan: Rolex Submariner ‘Smurf’ Replica Watches

Leave it to the finance bro to run around Sicily with the most bravado-drenched watch of them all. Cameron Sullivan’s perfect super clone Rolex Submariner “Smurf” Ref. 116619LB watches, a discontinued model that currently retails for $43,000 on the secondary market, was launched in 2008 to celebrate Rolex’s 100th year anniversary. It is the first Submariner to feature a case and bracelet made from elevated 18-karat white gold. It features a blue dial and blue Cerachrom bezel, the reason for its “Smurf” nickname in reference to the cartoon.

Sullivan, played by Theo James, is a BSD-type (with the goods to back it up, as evidenced in episode two). He’s swimming in privilege: He’s wealthy, good-looking and charismatic. Yet, he still needs to exert that he’s “the man.” That’s why, of course, his Smurf is so appropriate. Everyone knows Rolex, so everyone he encounters will know he’s well-off enough to buy one. Its blue dial and bezel are screaming to be noticed. And those that follow Swiss movements copy watches will know exactly how much it’s worth on the secondary market. “I got money baby. That’s one thing I do got,” Sullivan says in episode three to a couple of hopeful ladies that aren’t his wife.

Nevertheless, you’ve got to hand it to the guy. If he ever desperately needed to get off the island in an emergency (and White Lotus history proves he may need to), his would be the most liquid of the bunch.

Quentin: Super Clone Rolex Datejust Watches

An English expat vacationing with his friends and his nephew, Jack (Leo Woodall), Quentin is a shadowy character—a dark horse figure. It’s not entirely clear where his wealth comes from but he claims he inherited a palace in Palermo from his grandfather. He’s left with the upkeep and taxes of the aging and grandiose property. Is he property-rich but money poor? It’s not clear. Ahead of the season finale, audiences are being led to believe the character, played by Tom Hollander, could be a hitman hired by Jennifer Coolidge’s two-timing husband in order to access her wealth. In any case, he’s aiming for everyone to assume he’s rich while not drawing too much attention.

His 1:1 China super clone Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watches then is the perfect pick. It’s still pricey at $10,300 on the secondary market, but it’s not particularly showy. The stainless steel, white dial model is rather under-the-radar for this jet-set enclave. No one, for instance, will be talking about this guy’s Rolex Datejust fake watches for sale, but everyone will feel perfectly comfortable that he fits right in with the pack.

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