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I gave it some thought and have come up with the following list of special moments in life that deserve to be remembered. However, we all know that any moment is a good moment to either buy or receive top super clone watches as a gift. But it would be a boring article if we just left it that, so here are some of my best ideas, in no specific order.

Gifting watches: A loved one’s birthday

Let’s start with an occasion that I just used as an excuse to gift a watch. My wife was still walking around with discounted AAA UK replica Rolex Datejust watches lookalike from Timex, so for her 40th birthday, I decided to get her a “proper” watch. I went with the Swiss made super clone Cartier Tank Must Solarbeat watches because it’s such a beautiful and timeless design. Moreover, with a service interval of over 15 years, it’s the perfect watch for someone who doesn’t think about their watch every day.

I think a birthday is a great occasion to give perfect fake watches as a gift. Of course, doing so every year is probably overkill, but every once in a while, you can surprise a loved one with something bigger and better, right? And it doesn’t have to be your partner, of course. You could also gift high quality super clone watches to your son or daughter. And to all the sons and daughters out there, why not the other way around? Alternatively, if you have a friend who still hasn’t gotten himself that cheap copy watches he’s had his eye on for years, it could be the perfect occasion.


Next up is another occasion that’s on everyone’s mind — marriage. When my wife and I were planning our wedding, I remember that we looked at the possibility of gifting each other 1:1 super clone watches instead of rings. But I hadn’t yet become a watch guy back then, and I didn’t really know what Rolex replica watches wholesale online would cost… because yes, of course, we had Datejusts from both of our birth years. When we saw that prices started at around €2,500, we were both shocked. We decided to use that kind of money for the event itself instead.

I now know that those super clone watches for men would be worth much more today. But that’s something we both didn’t know at the time, of course. We now both wear gold rings like many other people, and that’s totally fine. When I wear my China fake Cartier Santos watches and my wife wears her Tank, I still feel like we’ve pretty much reached our couple goals. Still, I think a watch could be a great thing to celebrate your marriage with. But if you didn’t gift one for your wedding, why not use one of your anniversaries as a second chance?

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