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Jorg recently put together a list of watches perfect for smaller wrists. Having a smaller wrist myself, I quite enjoyed it. His selections were spot on, but his list focused only on luxury UK super clone watches smaller than 40mm in diameter — “Goldilocks” size. However, I’ve been looking for truly small watches, even on my already-slim wrist. There used to be a time not so long ago when burly, hairy-armed, chain-smoking manly men wore delicate, svelte 34mm manual-wound dress watches for every occasion (never mind silly things like shock or water resistance). The concept that small AAA replica watches aren’t manly is a contemporary sentiment and one that I’m happy to do away with. Attaching a sense of masculinity to the size of your jewelry isn’t manly. Think about it. So join me for a long but nowhere-near-exhaustive list of Swiss made super clone watches that measure 36mm and smaller for every wrist, no matter its size, manliness, or lack thereof.

Rolex Explorer Super Clone Watches

Of course, I have to start with a widely beloved 36mm representative of the genre. The high quality fake Rolex Explorer watches has seen many iterations since its introduction over a half-century ago. But Rolex has done well bringing it back to more traditional dimensions when the times merited it. With the latest iteration, Rolex has shown us that one of the most capable time-only perfect super clone watches (in both specs and public perception) can look good and perform excellently in a timeless, reserved size.

Mike Stockton wrote about the two-toned 1:1 UK Rolex Explorer copy watches (ref. 124273) not long after it was released at Watches and Wonders 2021. As he eloquently puts it, any Rolex Explorer not 36mm in diameter is awkward. The best quality super clone watches just “works” at 36mm. With 100 meters of water resistance and caliber 3230 with ±2 seconds daily tolerances, anti-magnetism, and 70 hours power reserve, the 36mm Rolex Explorer is almost every bit as capable as that Submariner you’re not taking diving. It also looks good with everything and will easily disappear under a cuff, a plus if you’re using long sleeves as theft prevention. At €10,600 and the usual Rolex wait-time shenanigans, the gold-and-steel Explorer is easily the most difficult to attain on this list.

Replica Cartier Santos de Cartier Medium Watches

The Santos has been getting a lot of love recently at Fratello. It’s not over yet, as I intend for it to make an appearance in an upcoming collection of Swiss movements fake watches meeting certain requirements. RJ wrote about the Santos de Cartier’s return to the market in a piece that he himself labeled as “opinionated”. “Opinion” — and strong ones at that — seem to follow any mention of the top Santos de Cartier super clone watches. More recently, Lex wrote an inflammatory piece claiming that a Cartier does everything a Rolex does. A week later, RJ and Daan had a Sunday Morning Showdown between the Rolex Datejust and Cartier Santos.

I’m of the persuasion that the Santos in gold and steel and medium size (ref. W2SA0016) is to Cartier as the two-tone Explorer is to Rolex. Thus, I’d say that as luxury super clone watches, they’re directly comparable to each other. Now, I won’t go as far as to say which is better; I’ll leave that for other articles and the comments. But Cartier offers a level of class and capability with the Santos that’s adequately mirrored in the Rolex Explorer. True, the actual specs of the calibers can’t compare; Rolex clearly wins there. 2022 Cartier replica watches’ in-house 1847 MC caliber only provides 42 hours of power reserve, though it does have an element of magnetic resistance. But when you factor in availability, well… what’s the saying? A Cartier on the wrist is worth more than two Rolexes on a waitlist. At 35.1mm wide and with 100 meters of water resistance, this steel-and-gold no-date automatic square with its own special history is just as special as any Rolex Explorer. Especially at €10,200 ready to leave on your wrist from your authorized dealer of choice.

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