Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Bullet Train, the new action film starring Brad Pitt hits the big screen this month. A remake of the bestselling Japanese novel, the movie is about five rival assassins with conflicting but interconnected objectives who proceed to fight each other to quite spectacular effect within the tight confines of a high-speed train. Far more excitingly, it also features a number of notable 1:1 UK super clone watches on Pitt and his co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Joey King.

Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train character, Ladybug, is seen wearing high quality replica Breitling AVI ref. 765 1953 re-edition watches. Pitt, who has been a brand ambassador for Breitling since 2000, can also be seen wearing the aviation watch on the poster for the movie. Sure, Pitt has to wear best Breitling super clone watches out of contractual obligation, but this is actually a very nice pilot’s watch, with a big legible dial featuring a chunky mid-century font for the hour markers and a 12-hour, screw-secured bezel on a 41mm case. It’s the kind of solidly dependable Swiss made fake watches that’ll find a happy place in almost any collection and look good on a broad range of outfits, barring the most formal. It’s a watch as reliable and bankable as the man himself.

Pitt’s co-star Aaron Taylor Johnson, who plays a rival assassin ‘Tangerine’ wears an altogether different kind of watch in the form of perfect super clone Rolex Oyster ‘Bubbleback’ Perpetual watches with a ‘California’ dial from the 1940s. The Bubbleback was so-called by collectors because of the highly domed screw-down case back which housed the rotor of the new self-winding ‘perpetual’ movement. ‘California’ refers to the unusual detail on the dial in which half the hour markers are Roman numerals and half Arabic, and a speciality of a company based out of California.

In the 80s and 90s Bubblebacks would fetch higher prices at auction than Daytonas, but fell out of fashion as the trend for larger top copy watches took over. But as smaller, more unusual watches become more popular, Bubblebacks could have their moment once again. The slightly dressier and more vintage-y look of a Bubbleback is about as far from steel sports super clone watches wholesale as it is possible to get. Tangerine wears a checked overcoat and three-piece pinstripe suit in the film – exactly the kind of outfit you’d put with this kind of watch.

Finally, Joey King, who plays ‘Prince’ a ladle-like yet deadly assassin wears luxury replica Cartier Tank Solo watches, a watch which quite simply transcends time and will always look chic whether on Prince or Princess.

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