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Pilot super clone watches wholesale may have started out as a practical timepiece for those in the aviation industry, but they’re now worn across the world as a smart and stylish everyday accessory. From affordable models under £100 to premium versions touching the £1 million mark, pilot watches span a huge spectrum of price points, so there really is something for everyone.

Before we get into the best pilot replica watches online site you can buy online, here’s a little guide to the historic accessory.

What are pilot watches?

Originally created as a practical alternative to the traditional pocket watch, pilot super clone watches paypal feature large, easy-to-read dials and extra functions like chronographs. They were first invented in 1904, when Louis Cartier (of the famous jewellers) designed the ‘Cartier Santos’, named after his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.

This new type of timepiece had wrist straps, so pilots could see it without having to move their hands from the controls. To this day, the iconic Cartier Santos remains a popular pilot around the world.

Other manufacturers have added extra features and design details, making the fake watches shop site easier for pilots to use in the sky. Modern-day models often have high-contrast or luminous dials for easy reading, and large winding crowns and rotating bezels, which are simple to use with gloves. Most also come with functions like chronographs and extra dials to track multiple time zones.

The best pilot watches you can buy today

Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph Super Clone Watches

Known for creating some of the world’s best pilot watches, Breitling has partnered with stars like Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Adam Driver. This is its Swiss made super clone Breitling Navitimer B01 watches with a steel strap, 43mm steel case and a slide rule bezel. It’s also water-resistant in depths of up to 30m.

The smart design includes a black dial and red second hand, along with three contrasting chronograph sub-dials and a window for the date between the four and five o’clock markers.

Breitling finishes the best copy watches face with glare-proof cambered sapphire crystal, so it’s easy to read in all weather conditions.

Replica Rolex 2022 GMT-Master II 40mm Watches

Possibly the most famous watch brand in the world, Rolex has a selection of popular accessories. Released in 1982, the perfect super clone Rolex GMT-Master II pilot watches is an updated version of the GMT-Master, originally created for globe-trotting professionals in 1955.

Thanks to the rotating bezel, this watch can display two time zones simultaneously. To get started, set your current time as you would any other top replica watches, and use the red hand to indicate the hour in another time zone.

As darkness falls, you’ll still be able to read the watch accurately with the long-lasting Chromalight display, as the hands and hour markers all glow in the dark.

Super Clone Santos De Cartier Watches

Although the Cartier Santos might look out of place among more modern aviation-style models, it’s actually considered to be the original pilot watch. Over a century ago in 1904, the Parisian jeweller Louis Cartier created one of the first ever luxury fake watches, inspired by his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont. The ‘Cartier Santos’ made it easy for pilots to check the time while flying without reaching for a pocket watch.

Today, there are many different AAA Cartier Santos super clone watches available to buy, from steel and leather designs to much more showy diamond-encrusted versions. The two we’re showcasing offer smart style and everyday wearability, with steel casing and a sapphire crystal face. They’re also water-resistant down to a depth of 100m.

Choose the model with the sturdy SmartLink bracelet for simple resizing, or go for the calfskin leather strap with an adjustable folding buckle. They both come with either a medium or large face, so it’s worth considering the different sizing options.

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