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Clara Kessi, 29, has worn a variety of hats since she started at Phillips five years ago, including Executive Assistant to Aurel Bacs. You’ll most likely recognize her from her recent time spent as an auctioneer hosting Phillips’ sales in Geneva and New York.

Kessi has long been fascinated with the art of auctioneering, how to direct the flow of a sale while standing in front of a packed room. Not everyone is cut out to be an auctioneer, but it’s something Kessi’s found intriguing for most of her life.

“I was a weird kid; I wanted to be an auctioneer since I was 12 years old,” she said. “I saw Something’s Gotta Give, with Jack Nicholson, and there was a wine auctioneer in that movie. I thought it was a pretty cool job. A little later, I read an interview in a Swiss newspaper with a female auctioneer where she described her job and it ticked all the boxes for me. I didn’t know I would be AAA UK super clone watches auctioneer, but I love it – it’s awesome.”

The opportunity to jump on the rostrum came during summer 2020, after Phillips pivoted from hosting an in-person Geneva sale in May to an online-only sale in June. Bacs was concerned about a replacement in case he became sick or had to quarantine – so he opened up the floor to any Phillips employee interested in learning how to be an auctioneer. Naturally, Kessi said yes.

After a few months of practice, Kessi made her debut at The Geneva Watch Auction XII, in November 2020. (Her first lot was a Vacheron Constantin 222, if you’re curious.) At every Swiss-based live auction since, Kessi has taken the lead for about 20 lots or so, alongside a pair of other young Phillips specialists (Tiffany To, Marcello de Marco) who also took up Bacs’ offer for training.

Phillips New York Watch Auction: SIX is currently underway, and Kessi will hit the rostrum later today, so I figured it was the perfect time to catch up with her and see what high quality replica watches make up her collection.

“I don’t consider myself a collector,” she says. “I have best super clone watches that I like and enjoy wearing. I have some because I love them, and others because they contain memories, they’re a reference to the past.”

31mm Rolex Datejust Super Clone Watches In Steel With A Silver Dial

Kessi received her first perfect fake watches as a gift before leaving her home in Switzerland to attend the University of Glasgow, where she eventually earned an MA in Art History with a specialty in Asian contemporary art. This was long before she knew she’d end up working in the watch world.

“I was very lucky, my parents gave me a 31mm stainless steel Swiss movements super clone Rolex Datejust watches, with Roman numerals and a silver dial, for my 18th birthday,” she says. “I still wear it quite often. It’s engraved avec amour mamma & papa  – with love, mom and dad – on the caseback. It’s 1:1 copy watches I’ll never part with; one day when I have children of my own, I want to give it to them when they’re 18.”

Two-Tone Rolex Daytona Ref. 116503 Replica Watches

“This is the first watch I bought while working at Phillips,” Kessi says. “I really wanted top super clone Rolex Daytona watches, but the steel one is inaccessible, the waiting lists are so long. Just because I work at Phillips doesn’t mean I get easy access to fake watches for sale. So I put my name on the waitlist for a steel-and-gold example at my dealer in the mountains.”

A few months passed by and Kessi continued to check in with her retailer by phone. One day, in 2020, she received a call saying her watch had arrived. She ended up purchasing the cheap super clone watches with her fiancé, and they split time wearing it – she prefers it on the two-tone bracelet, while her fiancé likes to wear it on a leather strap.

“I always wear the Daytona now when I’m on the rostrum,” she says. “The weight really grounds me and gives me confidence.”

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