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There are many reasons for buying a watch, from celebrating milestones like an anniversary or marking career achievements. (You can also, of course, also just spot something under a vitrine and know immediately you have to have it.) But selling AAA UK super clone watches is as much a part of being a collector as acquiring them. So we asked a group of well-known high quality replica watches aficionados, from novelist Gary Shteyngart to award-winning chef Thomas Keller, to divulge the timepiece that they will never, ever part with…at least during their lifetimes. And after taking a look at the assorted references below, you won’t blame them.

Gary Shteyngart

Novelist,  Super Clone Rolex “Pepsi” GMT-Master Ref. 1675 Watches

“I bought my beloved 1675 gilt-dial best fake Rolex GMT-Master watches a half-decade ago. It has accompanied me through all of my European book tours, from Ireland and the UK to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France. Hence it has seen me at my drunkest, including the traditional Bavarian breakfast of beer and white sausage. The perfect Rolex super clone watches used to belong to a NASA administrator who reportedly served as a liaison to Nixon’s White House back in the day. Hence it has also seen some very, very weird stuff.”

Alexandre Assouline

Global VP of Assouline Publishing, Replica Cartier Tank Louis Ref. 2441 Watches

“This Swiss movements Cartier super clone watches is particularly sentimental for me, as it was a gift from my father celebrating my 18th birthday and acceptance to college. He had to quit school at age 14 when he left Morocco, so that he could work and provide for the family. Back then he was getting assistant jobs at Parisian fashion houses and magazines. When he was 18, he ended up in the elevator at Paris Match with the creative director, an elegant and successful man, who was wearing 1:1 wholesale fake Cartier Tank Louis watches in gold with a brown strap. My father told himself that his definition of success was to one day gift this watch to his own son. I feel very proud to own this watch.”

Thomas Keller

Michelin Seven-Star Chef, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 Fake Watches

“The element that makes this super clone Rolex Daytona watches for men extremely unique is its color, which is very distinct: a baby-blue dial and a brown bezel. It took some time for me to get—and it was delivered by one of my best friends, which makes it especially memorable—so it’s certainly one of the top online copy Rolex watches I cherish most.”

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