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If you were ever to spend a few moments as a digital fly on the walls of  many Slack channels, you’d likely not be surprised by how many conversations revolve around AAA UK super clone watches we wish existed or even simply the small changes we might make to a watch with the hopes of making it subjectively perfect. It’s a foundational element of watch nerdery, the idea that your tastes, along with a few strokes of a photoshop brush, could render unto the 1:1 perfect replica watches industry the next “it watch.” Or, at the very least, a watch that you would love to own.

As such, we thought it would be fun to have the Editorial team dream big – that is, as big as James’ JV Photoshop skills will allow – and offer up  dream high quality super clone watches for the new year. Some of the entries below are relatively small tweaks, others combine existing elements of several models into appealing (though likely commercially problematic) final designs. These are our dream best fake watches for 2022.

Super Clone Cartier Américaine Full Gold Cuff Watches– Nora Taylor

This top Cartier super clone watches/bracelet-in-the-most-jewelry-sense exists, almost perfectly, with a Panthere but I think it would add even more drama with a Tank Américaine. There’s something almost subversive about putting such a strong classic on such a bonkers bracelet – the luxury copy Cartier Tank watches doesn’t usually announce itself so much as confidently wait to be noticed – that feels like self-aware luxury.

Rolex Explorer Replica Watches in Solid Yellow Gold – Danny Milton

I wear 36mm Swiss movements super clone Rolex Explorer ref. 14270 watches almost every day. Don’t believe me? Just watch our recent Watch I Wore Most video. I love the Explorer – especially all references 14270 and later. It was basically the first modern Rolex replica watches online store, representing a massive design upgrade over the prior 1016 (many a watch lover’s favorite Explorer).

I say this to show that there is historical precedent for making large-scale changes to this model. Rolex even upsized the classic timepiece to 39mm for a five-year stint. The thing is, though, that for nearly 70 years this was a fully stainless steel fake Rolex watches site, regardless of size. That is, until 2021 when Rolex shocked (and pissed off) a lot of you with the Rolesor, i.e. two-tone, Explorer and a return to the coveted 36mm sizing. I am on the record for loving that release, though most of you voiced your disagreement with me in the comments section – harshly.

But as much as I love two-tone, there is no substitute for solid gold. Over the last year or so, I have fallen hard for gold super clone watches paypal – and my jealousy of Jack’s Day-Date is also well noted. So when it came time for me to wish upon a horological star, I looked down at my wrist and thought, “This Explorer would look SICK in solid gold.”

Cue James Stacey putting that dream into Photoshop reality and – I don’t care what anyone else says – I’m not wrong. Just look at it. The pictures speak for themselves. If Rolex doesn’t ever make this replica watches for sale a reality, I think it would be a big mistake. A solid gold, 36mm Explorer … who’s with me?

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