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No matter where your taste in luxury replica watches lies, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll mostly be round. Given the circular nature of our journey around the Sun, the way a sundial’s shadow is cast, and the very way we display time progressing, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of watches are the same. Rectangular and square super clone watches online have some big hits here and there, but they’re still considered a small minority. If you want to shock and alienate customers, whether for fun or for artistic reasons, then the easiest way forward is to distort the case. While asymmetry hit its stride in the 1950s, there’s still a niche appreciation for them today, and we’ve collated the best examples of fake watches paypal.

Fake Rolex King Midas
Elvis Presley wasn’t limited to just one asymmetrical watch case, as he was also gifted a rare, limited edition Rolex King Midas in 1970. Designed by the near-mystical entity that was Gérald Genta, the perfect replica Rolex King Midas was released in 1964. Its angled left-side is based on the shape of the Greek Parthenon’s pediment, hence the King Midas name, Greek lettering on the dial, and the watch box being shaped and painted like an ancient Greek urn. It’s a stunning example of Genta’s early integrated bracelet approach, and a lavish display of cheap super clone Rolex’s opulence before they focused on sports watches. It’s also rare to see such a prestigious watch with a left-handed crown, and the original run of 1,000 pieces was successful enough for subsequent models to be made under the Cellini collection. Secondary market values float around US$15,000.

Replica Cartier Crash
Frankly, best 1:1 super clone Cartier are the undisputed masters of asymmetrical cases. Hamilton in the ‘50s and ‘60s could give them a decent run for their money, but Cartier continue to produce plenty of exquisite examples today. It was difficult to decide between models such as the Cloche and the Tank Asymétrique, but I’ve settled on the aaa quality fake Cartier Crash as the most iconic of the bunch. Supposedly based on a watch deformed by fire in a blazing car accident, the first Cartier Crash was released in 1967.

We know from the Pasha that Swiss movement replica Cartier aren’t afraid to embellish an origin story, but regardless of the truth, it’s a fantastic watch design. It undermines typical luxury snobbery, and ironically has become one of the most sought-after models in high-end auctions, spawning countless references and limited editions.

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